Thursday, February 9, 2017

The Bowling Green Massacre Was More Important than You Think

In three different interviews between January 29th and Feb. 2nd, the last with heavyweight Chris Matthews, Kellyanne Conway asserted that the Bowling Green Massacre led President Obama, back in 2011, to institute tough new restrictions on Iraqi immigration to the U.S.

Just to note it—because we’ve entered a historical moment in which such things actually need noting—there was no such event, in 2011 or any other year, as the Bowling Green Massacre.

There’s also a zero-percent chance Kellyanne Conway didn’t know this—not, at least, by her second and third mentions of the event.

Now, the non-existence of the Bowling Green Massacre got some news play last week, for sure.

But not enough.

Because here’s what I think really happened between January 29th and February 2nd:

The Trump administration, with Kellyanne Conway as its instrument, made its boldest foray yet into the willful, deliberate warping of the fabric of reality.

And what the administration is doing now, rest assured, is watching the alt-right blogosphere and news circuit to see just how big a segment of the U.S. ogre population does, in fact, will itself, in the coming days, weeks, and months, to believe in the Bowling Green Massacre of 2011.

Do photos and videos of the event and its aftermath start materializing online?

Do news stories seemingly from 2011 about the event start appearing in the darker corners of

Do now-declassified government documents indicating the Obama administration tried at first to cover up the Massacre start getting passed around via patriots’ email accounts?

If/when these things do happen (and for all this commentator knows, they’re happening already), the new administration will know it has real, real power over a goodly portion of the U.S. populace.

I’m sure not the first to say it. But I do want, for a fleeting moment, to be the latest:

We’re entering Orwellian terrain.