Wednesday, June 5, 2019

On the Other Hand....

(Other hand to what I wrote yesterday, I mean....)

The U.S. didn’t elect that man, exactly.

So how long-term punished should its citizens be for the screw-up?

It took Putin’s assist to get the individual in question to within three million votes of an actual popular-vote victory.

It wasn’t even particularly close, that election.

Plus which this is twice in five presidential elections Democrats have been Electoral College-burned.

Plus which at least one major federal-government apparatus now protecting the president—the U.S. Senate—gives rural/conservative/Republican citizens a wildly outsized voice.

Plus which Republicans have so thoroughly gerrymandered the rural states those conservative citizens live in it’s hard to imagine, even, the circumstances by which their advantages there will be erased.

Plus which Republicans have for a decade now been waging war on Democratically inclined voters of color, finding ever more creative ways to keep them from the polls.

Plus which Republicans are now nakedly, disgustingly unashamed of such power grabs as the one that kept the last president from replacing a Supreme Court justice so the current president could make two replacements (to date) instead.  

Plus which, plus which, plus which.

What we increasingly have is a system in which Democrats have to win huge to win at all

At a certain point, if we’re not going simply to surrender to full-on minority rule, Democrats have to start actually using whatever levers of power remain to them.

Impeachment is one of the few.

Except...guess what?  It really isn’t—because, again, Republicans all but permanently own the U.S. Senate through which any successful White House extraction must move.

That means if there’s any presidency-squashing to be’ll be of Democrat presidencies only.

So maybe I’ve changed my mind since yesterday.

Impeach him, House of Representatives.

Just remember: he’s not going anywhere when you do. 

(And our chances for achieving the majority-and-then-some win required to get rid of him in 2020 might be diminished by the principled gesture.)