Thursday, September 26, 2019

NOW Impeach?

At a certain point, what choice have you got? 

If a U.S. president is allowed to get away with the type of shit the current one seems amazed not simply to be getting away with, what, then, isn’t a U.S. president allowed to do?

Aren’t Democrats demonstrating a not just sniveling but dangerous spinelessness (we don’t have but two major parties, remember) when they don’t start proceedings after infractions and abuses that make Nixon’s look like toddler-with-a-squirt-gun stuff?

Isn't the seriousness of those infractions and abuses plenty clear from the Democratic presidential front-runner's being, perhaps, already effectively smeared by them?

If Republicans use mind-bendingly literal parsings of the transcript of that phone call to save the president in the U.S. Senate after the House impeaches him (“He never explicitly said he wouldn’t send U.S. aid to Ukraine if Zelensky didn’t turn up dirt on Biden—and anyway it's CrowdStrike he wanted to talk about!”), won’t they be punished for it at the ballot box?

And if the American citizenry is dumb enough not to punish them, instead shrugging and re-electing both them and the incorrigible case they’ve rescued ("My 401-K sure seems happy enough with the lot of 'em"), isn’t it best just to know the American experiment is done, so we can hurry up and fall in line with the Chinese program for the 21st century already?